The rope

Sweat. Blood. Fear. He gave away all this to achieve the near-impossible task. Philippe Petit stood victorious after he sat cross legged on a wire connecting the twin towers of the World trade centre. All that was needed was a slip, to erase his name from the Hall of Fame. But, he did not. He could not. … Continue reading The rope


When there is sifting of light through the curtains and darkness explodes into light, when the light breeze touches your forehead lightly and pushes you to rise, there is a sudden change of incidents, what could have been a major breakthrough in your life now seems bleak. Perturbed by the loss, your body forces your … Continue reading Träume


Consumed  by years, lay she in her dire self, Tears flowed down like the River Selt In hatred and anger did she surround herself, The count was nonetheless, merciless. Had himself the key to immortality, Only did he require a potion to set his soul free Waited had he in the castle for long, Waited for her … Continue reading Rage

Solitary existence

“Religion is the opium of the masses” – Karl Marx Where are we in this colossal junk of dust and rocks? Are we just another speck of dust that is supposed to perish one fine day, come the apocalypse? Wait. Why use such morbid terms? Let’s assume the possibility of a huge chunk of rock impacting … Continue reading Solitary existence